Ishtara – What if it was Actually Easy

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In this video Holly Hawkins Marwood channels a message from Ishtara.

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What if it was Actually Easy

Greetings, Great Beings of Light, my name is Ishtara.

We welcome you to this timeless space as you connect with the Truth that transcends all that you think you know and understand in 3D, and yet, you are striving for in 5D and beyond. Timelessness and spacelessness is a beautiful place to meet since you know that you’re including more than just your 3D reality. The message and the transmission today have to do with the way you view yourself, the way you view your energy as being integrated into the field of All That Is, into the Unified Field.

While you’re in 3D, you have an infinite number of experiences of separateness, of struggle, of needing to earn your way or achieve your way and work hard to all that you have been aspiring to, or that you feel is calling you from within. As one goes through the motions of healing or releasing or transforming, moving to the next level, there is an energy that’s prevalent: that it’s hard work. That there’s so much resistance. That there’s so much to overcome. That it’s going to take a certain amount of time, or that maybe the change you wish for and desire, won’t even be possible.

Many of you feel like time is nipping at your heels because you feel like…. “But I have to do it in this lifetime!” Whether they are spiritual goals, whether they’re ascension goals, whether they’re “I-don’t-want- to-come-back-to this-planet-ever-again” goals, no matter what they are, we’re opening up the space to invite you to notice where you think it’s hard and that there’s effort because you’re moving towards achieving something that’s not already yours. The first thing you can do is create a distinction that “I’m in this Unified Field, I’m in this Field of Infinite Possibilities, and I haven’t had the experience yet of what I’m desiring.”  But it does not mean it’s not available!

For all that you can think about, all that you can desire, is available in the energetic field in which you already exist. So, if this is the case, then even changing your thoughts and even changing your expectations to “I just haven’t had an experience of this yet”, whatever this for you might be – it could be love. It could be compassion. It could be understanding. It could be a sense of success, or inner confidence, or spiritual connection. Instead of feeling like you have a lot of things blocking you or are in your way, you can begin to feel, open up and change your languaging, which is going to come from your thoughts, which creates your reality.

You can move into this place of saying, “Oh, I know the experience I’m seeking is in this Field of Infinite Possibilities and I am in that same field,  and I just haven’t had an experience of it yet”.  Now, notice how you feel as you hear this message, because some of you are going to be feeling like “Oh, my goodness, it’s not as hard as I thought, this is right. I don’t need to climb Mt. Everest!”“I don’t need to feel like I need to do a triathlon, or a marathon, to achieve where I need to go. I just have to recognize that I’ve had particular experiences, but all the ones that I’m desiring are still already in the field that I exist within.” 

Because they exist within the field you are in already, and as you open up your awareness to “they’re already here”, you’re already creating an easy, easier pathway to allow for those experiences, for those transformations to happen.

Along with this, we want to bring in this word “easy”. Really open up with an open-ended question to be able to say “What if this is actually easier than I thought? What if Ascension wasn’t hard? What if enlightenment wasn’t hard? What if my sense of success wasn’t hard?” Or “What if love wasn’t hard? Or what if forgiveness wasn’t hard?” And of course, what goes along with this is, instead of “What if it wasn’t hard?” is, “What if it was actually easy?”

What if it was easy to embody love? What if it was easy to forgive? What if it was easy to feel good about yourself? What if it was easy to feel connected to Source? Just notice, ask yourself some of these open ended questions: “What if it was, what if it was? What if it was easy to…?”  As you do, even though you don’t have any answers necessarily in the moment to the question, as you asked that question, “What if it was easy?” What you’re doing is vibrationally shifting to the place where the frequency of easy to manifest, easy to achieve, easy to release, easy to heal, easy to ascend… where all of that is.   

Because all of it is within the Field of Infinite Possibilities. Begin to open up to this idea of “What if it were easy, what if it wasn’t as hard as I thought? What if there are pathways that I haven’t even considered that allow me to feel better, more relaxed, more connected, more on track than I ever have before? What if I can come into that deep connection with myself, my truth, my inner wisdom and my highest potential with ease, flow and grace?”

As you keep asking yourself these questions over and over again, you open up your energy field to access more from the Field of the Infinite Possibilities that you exist within already. There’s nothing to achieve. There’s just what you’re wishing to open to, so you can condition and practice opening to more than you’ve ever connected with before.

I am with you now and always. 

My name is Ishtara.

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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood

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