5 Success Tips When You’re New to the Akashic Records

Success with the Akashic Records

Stuck feeling unsuccessful with the Akashic Records? 

Were you excited about the potential of what you would do with the Akashic Records and now feel as if you are never going to “get it”? Have you begun thinking that the Akashic Records might be for some, but clearly not for you, since you’re not sure you’re ever going to feel confident?

As an International Akashic Record Instructor and Reader for the past 11+ years, I’ve heard these thoughts, and many more, a LOT of times.  I understand. And…. I want to support you in getting to the next level!

Here are 5 of the best and easiest tips to help you build your Akashic Muscles (as I call them) quickly and easily.  What’s the result?  You’ll feel clear, empowered and able to read the Akashic Records in whatever way you wish!

Here are My Best 5 Tips:

1.     Practice: This is a key to your success. Practice. Just like everything else you have successfully learned and mastered in your life (walking, eating on your own, riding a bike, playing the piano, writing, playing basketball, working on a computer, etc.) you start out not knowing a lot. Perhaps you felt frustrated, confused and hopeless, but you persevered and now it is easy, effortless, and something you don’t even think about in life anymore. Right? 
The same is true of learning to do a great job reading the Akashic Records. Practice!

Can you be patient with yourself as you are learning?  Can you give yourself a practice schedule to spend time in your Akashic Records to improve? 

2.     Find What Works for You: There are so many ways to use the Akashic Records. Find the way that creates the best and easiest flow for you from the beginning. 
Some are strong and confident in their own Akashic Records from the beginning. They practice and grow in their own records, then venture into other areas such as the Akashic Records of their business, their pets or even other people.
In fact, there is a misconception that you have to be great at your own Akashic Records before you do anything in the records with anyone or anything else.  This just is not true.

When I first began with the Akashic Records I felt very comfortable and successful in reading for others first.  I ROCKED it right away doing readings for others and yet when it came to me opening my own records all I felt was the “sounds of silence”.  I kept at it, doing readings for others, and lacked tons of confidence in my own records.
Eventually, I practiced enough and got to the place where I felt very comfortable reading my own.  Was it natural for me to be “good” in my own records from the beginning? NO!  Was I better at reading for others first? YES!  But I kept at it just like the “little engine that could” saying “I think I can, I think I can” and, slowly but surely, I gained confidence and ROCKED it there as well.  I know that same possibility is there for you as well.

Here is another thing: maybe you will have your best and most successful early experiences reading the Akashic Records by opening the records of your pets (or the pets of your family and friends!), your home, your business, your favorite crystal, or your favorite tree in your yard.  Many of my students have a great time opening the records of their pets with ease and fun! Try that and find what works.

Play with all of it. Try it all and find where the energies move most easily for you.

3.     Just Sit in There:  Here is one of my all time favorite things to do. Open your Akashic Records and just sit.  Don’t ask any questions. Sit. Enjoy. Feel. Observe. Be. Spend just 3 – 5 minutes…or more if you get lost in the peace of being in there. I believe while we are in there we are aligning more and more with the energies of who we truly are. 

In this experience, you aren’t looking for a particular outcome. You are soaking up the energies that the Akasha are: compassion, understanding, kindness, no judgement, unconditional love, etc.
My personal experience of doing this, especially when I do this right when I wake up, is that I have my best days ever!  I’m not asking questions. I’m not looking for insight, answers, or epiphanies.  I love it and know it‘s transformational.  Try this every day for a week or so and see what happens the next time you go in and ask questions.


4.     Start with the Easy Ones:  It’s so easy to want to dive into your records and (..finally) ask all those BIG, LOOMING questions about your life.
You know the ones I mean: “What is my Life Purpose?” “Am I on my Soul’s Path?” “When is “he” going to ask me to marry him?” “Should I stay or should I go at my current job?”  While these are all great, legitimate questions they are the “biggies”. These are probably the questions you have the most charge on. Right?

So…can you begin with some questions that are not as highly charged as you are getting your feet wet and growing your Akashic Muscles? Ask about things in your life that are meaningful, but not the “biggies”, until your muscles are strong enough for the heavy lifting. 
For example, perhaps you desire to get in shape, lose weight, and feel toned and trim.  Instead of asking about the pattern you have with your body of losing and gaining weight or never being satisfied or never feeling as if you allow yourself to meet your body goals, why not begin with a question such as this: “What can I do today to put me on a positive path with my body?” or “What is the optimal form of exercise I should do right now for me to meet my body goals”?  Of course, you can detail your body goals or focus on one goal in particular, but can you see how this question has less emotional charge on it than trying to forklift a long-term pattern?  It is gentler. The response is probably one that you are open to hearing and can receive easily.  It is likely to be something you have already considered as one of your options.

Allow your questions to be easier, smaller or more bite-sized while you are learning.  You will grow into the big, deeper ones as your confidence grows. Trust me, this is true.


5.     Be Open and Accepting.  When you are in your records be open to anything and everything you receive in response – even if you feel you already know it.  This can happen because you are intuitive and you already know a lot of truth about who you are and what is right for you!  Celebrate that!

Please don’t assume you know how the answers will come to you.  They may come as you expect or they may come to you in a wide variety of ways most of which is unexpected.  Be open to all of it. Be open and accepting of a simple image, feeling, word or thought coming into your awareness as you ask your questions.  The response could also come as a feeling or awareness in your body or a memory might pop in suddenly.  Be open to your Soul Guidance Team giving you what you need in the way that you can receive it. 


The last piece of wisdom I would love to share with you, which takes me beyond the “5 Tips”, is this:
Trust, Trust, Trust and above all else Smile and Enjoy Yourself!  Remember the unconditional love that is the field of the Akasha. Tune into the love. Have faith that if you are drawn to the Akasha, and you practice, you will be assured of success!

Holly Hawkins Marwood is an International Akashic Records Instructor and Reader who is passionate about sharing the gifts and benefits of the Akashic Records with the world. She believes that everyone should know how to use this incomparable resource to help them manifest the life of their dreams. You can read more about the classes she teaches and the sessions that she and her husband, Paul Marwood, offer through their business, Soul Genesis. They work internationally and locally and offer sessions at a distance as well as in person.

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