ISHTARA – Dealing with Animosity and Anger

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In this video Holly Hawkins Marwood channels a message from Ishtara.

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Dealing with Animosity and Anger

Greetings, Great Beings of Light, my name is Ishtara.

Today’s topic might sound a little more serious to begin with, yet it’s one that is going to provide you energetic freedom.  For there is a way that you are trapping yourself or almost incarcerating your energetic self, by so­me of the energy you hold. And so we want to bring this forward today so that you’re, number one, aware of it, and in an energy of choice, when you have the understanding about the impact of this energy that perhaps you are carrying in your life, and this is the energy of animosity.

Now, animosity can show up as anger, resentment, lack of forgiveness and on and on. It’s basically holding some form of negative energy against or towards another person or could be a group of people, it could be even an organization. But for today’s purposes, we’re going to talk about it more in terms of one to one relationships. This is whether it’s friends, whether it’s family, whether it’s coworkers or whether it’s the service person on the other end of the phone.

It doesn’t matter. The energy of animosity is one that impacts you greatly. Now, many of you can get upset about this topic and say, but these people did something against me. They acted towards me in a particular way, my life hasn’t been the same because of that. So this conversation is not about having to let people off the hook necessarily. It isn’t even necessarily about trying to come to a place of forgiveness.

What it is, is about understanding the energy you’re holding, and what it’s doing to you and your energy field. So that you can be in the highest level for yourself in spite of these other people, or experiences that have been challenging.

So this isn’t a conversation about who’s right, who’s wrong. This isn’t a conversation about who’s going to, win in the end. This is a conversation about the the sacredness of your energy field and how you can keep it at the highest level.

So when you notice that you are holding some sort of animosity against anyone. Think about that, and you probably won’t take long before you can come up with somebody. Whether it’s somebody from your very early childhood, a friend who betrayed you, it could be a love relationship that didn’t turn out the way you wanted for any number of reasons.

Now, generally animosity, the anger, the resentment on all those emotions that can fit under that umbrella. They might be very justified, but more than anything else, they tend to be hung on to as a way of defense. If I hang on to feeling angry about that person, I can keep them at a distance, or I can assure myself that type of thing is going to happen any more. So there’s some really good reasons where you might want to hang on to these feelings and these memories to make sure they don’t happen again. This is understood.

But one of the things you can do to loosen the grip of the energy of that anger, of that frustration, of that betrayal, whatever it is, you can feel that in your body, can’t you. If you tap into what may have happened to you and that anger, resentment, any kind of animosity you hold, you can feel it in your physical body, in your emotional body.

So it’s going to be stored in a place that you could feel it. Maybe your solar plexus gets tight. Maybe you feel strange in your throat. There are all kinds of ways that you can feel the energy of these emotions within your body. And the key for you is to be able to know what you need to do with those people and be able to release the animosity from your body. So that you don’t need to hang on to it and have it be an energetic anchor or place where your energy slows down.

So here’s what you can do.

Send the best you can. Best wishes to that person. This isn’t like you don’t need to feel like you’re blessing them. You don’t need to feel like you are releasing them from responsibility. This isn’t that. Just send them an offering the best you can, that you wish them the best in their world and their life. This is not inviting them back in once again. This is not forgiving them. But as you do this, you wish them the best, even if they’re never in your life again.

Just notice that. If you can take a moment to feel that right now and feel how any kind of lingering resentment or animosity you have towards somebody else might be active in your energy field, in your physical body, and then without letting them off the hook for what happened,  just wish them the best. Any time they come up, wish them the best in your head. You don’t even need to say it out loud. I just wish you the best.

Once again, this isn’t necessarily about sending them love and light. Maybe you don’t feel like that. This isn’t about forgiving anybody. You may not feel like that. The truth is there are people who do unforgivable things. So none of that is being suggested today. This is all about just wishing somebody the best, and notice.

The key is not what’s happening with them, but what’s happening with you in your physical body, in your emotional body, as you wish someone the best.

You can depersonalize this a little bit if you wish, by thinking about somebody, maybe at a business, a store, a customer service representative. Somebody who you had an unpleasant encounter with. It could have happened on the phone, because perhaps they weren’t serving you in the way that you felt you needed to be served. You could get angry, you could get frustrated.

Without it being somebody that’s very close to you or maybe hurt you deeply. Practice this, of just in your mind wishing them the best. Wish them the best. I wish you the best.

Again, these words never need to come across your lips. But you can hold the energy of that, and what you’re doing is releasing your need to hold on to these energies as a defense in your body, and it brings you into a higher vibrational state. It brings you in a more optimized state of frequency. So this conversation, while there’s a lot of aspect of it that’s about other people and situations that could activate you, ultimately this is about what are you doing to maintain the sacred space of you, so that you’re at the highest level.

Begin just going through your day wishing everyone the best. Even if they haven’t upset you, even if you’re having wonderful encounters with them. Wish everyone the best, and notice what happens. Notice what happens for you. Now, of course, as you’re noticing, you may see a shift in your interaction with these people. But this message, this transmission is about optimizing you, your experience of you getting more in touch with what you need and the highest level of frequency that you get to navigate life.

You will have less of the drag weight of the more challenging emotions. You’ll be in a higher vibrational emotional space to approach the world and have the world approach you back. Play with this, and let us know how it feels to wish everyone the best, no matter how you feel about them in your human life. Offer that forward and notice how you transform.

I am with you now and always. 

My name is Ishtara.

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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood

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