High Council of Orion – Trust

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In this video Holly Hawkins Marwood channels a message from the High Council of Orion.

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Trust as a Pathway in your Ascension Journey

Channeled Message from Ascension Guides,
the High Council of Orion
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood

“Greetings, Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion.

Trust is one of the pivotal energies to embody on your Ascension Journey. The Trust we are speaking about is an internal Trust. When you hold this level of Trust you become magnetic to the desires you have.

Typically, people believe that Trust is earned. Earning Trust is about outer circumstances that then brings about a willingness to Trust others, life, and yourself. Basically, it has been believed that Trust comes from outer circumstances.

In truth, Trust is a vibrational frequency, an energy, that begins within you first, then flows out from you into the world. As it flows out into the world you then magnetize trusting experiences, people and life circumstances. Trust begins with you.

Opening up to a greater embodiment of Trust begins with you getting curious and opening to the possibility that you can manifest Trust more deeply.

Follow these steps to embody Trust now:

  1. Trust your desires. Your desires are unique to you. Not everyone has those exact same desires as you, just as you do not have the same desires as others. If you have a desire to have a particular life experience, open up to the possibility of Trusting that it is possible for you.

    Trusting your desires moves you from feeling stuck to being in action to manifest them. As you trust your desires you honor the information coming from your Higher Self that flows through you.

  2. Trust in the Goodness of the Universe. This is a major pivot for many when it comes to their Ascension Journey. Being able to feel that you live in a benevolent energetic field and that “the Universe” is on your side is essential in your Ascension Journey. You many have had challenging experiences in life. You have been on the roller coaster of ups and downs. It may feel hard for you to feel that you can Trust this.

    Trusting that goodness is inherent in the world can begin to attract more to you. As you Trust more you will be surprised by the shifts you will see and experience in your life.

  3. Trust in the Reality of Your Ascension and Awakening. You are drawn to your healing, transformation and awakening because it is a real part of your Soul’s evolution. Your Awakening is not just a fanciful idea or wishful thinking.

    Trust that you are responding to the inner call of your Soul that is drawing you to your work, your future, your contribution and your destiny.

    When you Trust this truth, then you will cease second guessing yourself and move in the direction you are called with less resistance. The results will be a life filled with a sense of satisfaction, empowerment and you sharing yourself and your Light more freely with the World.

  4. Sharing your Trust. As you allow yourself to expand your levels of Trust in the Universe/Source as well as yourself, you will begin to see the world through different eyes. The energy you emanate will extend your field of Trust to others inspiring them to discover their inner Trust.

You being anchored in Trust will free you to embody the qualities of love, acceptance, compassion and generosity more easily. These are qualities natural to the awakened field of consciousness!

Be Blessed.
We are the High Council of Orion.”

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