You can Channel – Part 1 – HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION

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In this video Holly Hawkins Marwood channels a message from the High Council of Orion.

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You can Channel – Part 1

Channeled Message from Ascension Guides,
the High Council of Orion
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood

Greetings Dear ones, we are the high Council of Orion.

Today, our message is one that might seem a little bit funny to some of you, and it’s all about channeling, and the reason this is funny is because as Holly herself is a channel that’s allowing us to communicate through her.

Yet there is so much mystery, misunderstanding, and even confusion about what channeling is, and what it can be for each and every one of you. So let’s begin to talk about what channeling is, and how it might be relevant to your life in your way. If this is something that you’re curious about, if it’s something that you desire.

Let’s begin at the beginning that there are many human beings, meaning incarnated souls who come down into a physical form, who suddenly believe that they’re not connected to the field of information, the vastness of the intelligence that’s around them.

And they feel that those who are connecting more easily to information fields that are not only of the mind that are swimming in the ethers around you, that when those other individuals channel, or are mediums or are psychics or are readers of one sort or another, that it’s an inherent gift that not everyone is born with.

And because of that, only “special” people get to do it, and many people feel that they are not good enough, they’re not spiritual enough, they’re not special enough, they haven’t cultivated the right gifts.

We’re here today to tell you, that because you yourself at your core, at your essence, are a being of light, of energy, of spirit, of source that animates you, but ultimately is still connected to that field of oneness that unified field. “The field” as it is so often called in your world these days. You are inherently always connected to it.

Now, when you’re in a human form, you have perceptual limitations that are brought about by the collective that you’re in. But your inherent gifts are always to be able to be connected and in Communion and communication with all the information systems, even the ones that are non-human based, non-Earth based.

So breathe this in for a moment. Pause the recording if you need to as you listen to this. Take a breath in, and feel your inherent connection to this infinite field that you’re always swimming within, you are always connected to it.

The truth is, if you are somebody who admires those who channel who have a desire to channel, who have a desire to be in connection and communion with greater amounts of knowledge, information, energy, insight, wisdom that is not only based in what’s happening in the third dimensional realm that you find yourself in.

If this is a desire for you, you absolutely have the capacity to do it, period, once again, take a breath in and allow that to be true, that you absolutely have the capacity. It’s inbred into you to be able to connect with everything that’s available on a universal level.

Now, not everyone’s going to do this, because it’s not everyone’s interest, correct. Just like you might be somebody who’s interested in sports, and somebody else is interested in the arts, and somebody else is interested in literature, and somebody else is interested in music, and somebody else is interested in the Sciences.

Those are natural proclivities. Those are natural interests based on the experience that the soul is choosing to have correct. But at the same time, just because somebody is more scientific, does not mean that they might not have the capacity for art. If somebody is more interested in physical activity, it doesn’t mean that they don’t inherently have the potential to be involved with literature, for example.

We don’t need to create limitation. We want to create expansion. So breathe into this awareness, that if you have this desire to become a channel, to understand yourself better, to understand not just the 3D world around you, but the universal world around you and allow it to inform you, and perhaps even share that wisdom with others, you have that innate capacity to do this.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve previously in this lifetime or other lifetimes developed your psychic gifts or your mediumship gifts, or you really understand your Claire’s. You have what it takes.

So what’s the difference between you and any of the channels you admire is there’s some time, and there’s some space, and there’s practice, and there’s opening up, and there’s willingness. But you have the foundational raw materials to do this, because you are a soul, and you are already connected to this field. That all the information, all the wisdom, all the understanding, all the energies flow from.

So this will be the first message in our series, but just begin to breathe into and open up to the awareness that I have what it takes to become a channel to allow my life to be informed from a multi-dimensional perspective. I have the capacity innately within me to support others in sharing messages if I so desire.

Just begin to play with that. Open up your energy field to allow that in, now the why and the how, that can come. But you want to break through the perception of limitation that you must be special in order to channel. You are Special and you can absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt. So really immerse yourself and open to your innate capacity.

And we’ll share in our next message about how you can begin to recognize channeling that already exists in your life, and how you can begin to create a foundation to manifest that into your human reality if you wish.

Be blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.

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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood

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