Spontaneous Summer Sale

We decided  “What the Heck! Let’s do a Summer Sale” to celebrate with you.
WHAT: 1-month Sale
WHEN:  June 13th to July 12th
WHERE: Online (global)

Click on items below to get 30% off the following Online Training.

The Art of Channeling

Akashic Records Accelerator

Accelerate your Healing Journey


Click on services below to get 30% off all sessions.

Akashic Record Reading

3 Universal Sphere® Sessions

Personal Channeled Session with Ishtara

Personal Channeling with the High Council of Orion

Tree of Life Crystalline Activation with Universal Sphere

Golden Light Activation with Universal Sphere

111 Activation with Universal Sphere

*Sessions purchased during our Spontaneous Summer Sale can be used for up to 1 year from the date of purchase.

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