Life continues to change for us!

You probably read in an earlier email about our move to North Carolina. Where it is beautiful, lush and green.

It’s been a big change and we’re adjusting and enjoying ourselves.

On July 11th, I’m returning to Australia! Surprising, right?

I’m off to see my parents, whom I haven’t seen in several years. I’m going there to help them with the new home they’re building in Northam, a small country town in Western Australia. It’s a big project for them, and I want to support them both physically, mentally, and emotionally. It‘s always good to have a younger set of arms and legs to help do some of those more difficult tasks!

While I am over in Australia, Holly and I will creatively work out how to navigate our business since we’ll be exactly 12 hours apart! And we’re holding the positive space for internet at my parent’s house since it’s not there yet!

With all of these changes, Holly and I have been relying on all our spiritual tools as our lifeline, like the Universal Sphere®, the Akashic Records, and the channeled guidance from our non-physical teachers. The Universal Sphere® has been a blessing in manifesting, and aligning solutions, and so many moving parts so that our move has gone smoothly. The Universal Spheres are creating ease for my upcoming move to Australia too!

With all these changes, it’s easy to feel fear & worry, but I’ve been going into my Akashic Records to receive guidance to reassure me that all of these changes are in the right direction, helping me see the light in all of these transitions, so that I can be in a place of my highest potential.

Click on the video below to hear more about how these modalities have helped us in our current move and how they can help you too in your life.

During all of this, I’m integrating Ishtara’s teachings, like “Conscious Manifesting” and “Living my life through my heart”, “Clarity and Confidence” and many more. I regularly listen to these channeled teachings on my phone when I am walking, cycling, or driving. That constant reminder helps shift my embodied vibration to a more elevated perspective, aligned with my Highest Potential. I feel more at ease and live with huge hope and trust that I am this Great Being of Light, having a human experience and all is well.

You can receive the benefits of the Universal Sphere®, The Akashic Records and Channeled guidance from our Non-Physical teachers in our 30% off Spontaneous Summer Sale Click on the image below to look and purchase.

Love and Blessings,

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