The power of Solution Energy

Way back in 2015 is when we began learning about Solution Energy from Ishtara, we didn’t fully believe it! Now as we use the Universal Sphere®, we KNOW that Solution Energy is “a real thing” and it’s become integrated into our everyday life!

Here’s one experience that has been really fun….

I’ve was looking to buy a new car in Australia. The used ones are more expensive than the new ones, just like here in the USA.

I was told that I’d have to wait 1-2 years for a Hybrid Toyota RAV4, and around 6 months for a Petrol (Gasoline) RAV4.

When they talked about 2 years, I thought, “WOW I don’t expect to even be there for 2 years”!

My inner guidance immediately went to what Ishtara has taught us

tap into the Unified Field and the Field of Infinite Possibilities! Activate Solution Energy!


With Ishtara’s teachings echoing through my mind, I did several Universal Spheres® to bring me into alignment with the infinite possibilities of receiving a new car soon after I arrive in Australia.

Following my intuition, I reached out to Toyota Dealerships in and around Perth. The first dealership I chose from the place of my mind, was one of the biggest dealerships. No Success!

Then I closed my eyes and used my heart to guide me. Strangely enough I was guided to the Northam Toyota dealership in the small country town that my parents now live in.

My mind went. Ha Ha Ha yeah really!!

I contacted the sales manager and 3-4 hours later I had my name on a contract for a New Toyota RAV4 GXL Petrol! It is already on the ship and due to be ready for delivery just one week after I arrive.

Woo Hoo!! How perfect is that?

Now, that is Universal Sphere® Solution Energy!

P.S. My mind wanted to test this, so I called 10 other dealerships after the Northam one and none had a RAV4 available before 6 months. How is that for Universal Sphere® Solution Energy.

OK, I didn’t get the Saturn Blue color that I wanted. But Hey, I ended up buying a Crystal Pearl car that is the exact same color as Holly’s one here, so we have the ❤️ “Pearl Sisters” ❤️ on the opposite sides of the world. How symmetrical is that.

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Paul & Holly

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