The Importance of Being Seen

Welcome to Wellspring! Your weekly source of inspiration, guidance, support, and vision for your growing or expanding spiritual business.

Starting August 12th, 2022 through to October 14th, 2022.

What is a wellspring? Defined literally, it is an inexhaustible source of anything, and it is my desire to encourage and support you in opening the wellspring of possibilities for a thriving practice that’s the right size for you.

It’s time for all lightworkers, such as energy healers, shamans, metaphysicians, paradigm shifters, and spiritual life coaches, to shine! To reach out and find their people. And to abundantly thrive on all levels, including money, life, happiness, and peace.

A lot of lightworkers have fear or worry about what others think of their business? They’re concerned about how others might react and ultimately the consequences of those reactions.

Through Wellspring, I will help you become aware of those concerns and how they are impacting you. I will support you in breaking down those old energies that have kept you feeling stuck, and moving into the space of feeling clear, confident, and in alignment by sourcing the wellspring inside yourself.

I am so excited to bring you Wellspring live, every Friday on Zoom, Facebook, and Youtube. With replays available as well.
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In our first Wellspring we talked about “Being Seen” and covered important topics, such as:

  • Past life energies
  • How we distract ourselves
  • Not being in our present moments
  • Having inner conversations
  • Imaginative co-creative space
  • Confidence
  • Shifting focus on yourself

I look forward to seeing you for our next topic, Deconstruct The Energy Of Money.

With much love to all of you,


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