Soul Activations

Harness the Energy of Your Potential with our unique Soul Activations

Our suite of Soul Activations reinforce your innate potentials accelerating the embodiment of your best life!

Personal Soul Activation Sessions

Transcend traditional energy sessions...

Here is a channeled message from the High Council of Orion explaining the Soul Activations.

Understand the Soul Activations


111® Activation

Clarity to effortlessly move forward

Align with your Highest Potential

Authentically express your gifts and Soul’s Purpose

Tree of Life Crystalline Activation

Become a Conscious Manifestor

Manifest from the Inside Out

Cultivate an Abundantly Aligned Life

Golden Light Activation

Easily Embody Qualities of Love, Healing, Compassion

Embrace Self-Love as well as love for others

Experience Greater Sense of Unity

The Power of Soul Activations

Unlike traditional energy sessions, you only need each of these powerful activations once in your life. They will remain active for the rest of your life.

Each Activation is specifically designed to support your Awakening

  • Greater clarity
  • Empower you to receive your answers and life guidance from within
  • Help you embody higher consciousness
  • Helps improve your ability to manifest creatively
  • Alignment to greater ease and synchronicities in your life
  • …and so much more

These Soul Activations were taught to us by our non-physical teachers. Each one is a unique, multidimensional, holographic structure with specific sacred geometry that is designed to work with you and accelerate your Ascension.

They are ideal for everyone who wishes to consciously and intentionally boost their Awakening!

Become a Soul Activation Practitioner

Learn how to offer these powerful Soul Activations professionally. Add to your current offerings in support of your clients.

“Lifelong energetic assistance to move you forward in your life in true and authentic ways.”

— Holly Hawkins Marwood

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