More about the Golden Light Activation

The following passages are directly from channeled messages from Melchizedek …

“…what this activation is doing is bringing in golden Christed energy. It’s bringing it in so that each individual’s body and energy field is imbued with the golden light of the Christ. We say “of the Christ”, not to be confused with the human who walked the planet who carried the Christed energy named Jesus. For it is energy that he carried, as well as many of the Masters. We want to make the distinction of the energy aside from the human who, in a sense, popularized its embodiment.

…this experience…is profound and deep, yet there’s another component to it that will be necessary for the individuals who are connecting with it to fully express the beauty and presence of that golden Christed light in their lives. Unlike some of the other activations where they “motor on” in the background and people see change and transformation, this is about magnifying and imbuing the light that each person is carrying in a really tangible and conscious way

…As part of this activation this golden Christed light begins to flow in, creating a tube, or cylinder, of this beautiful golden Christed energy that is interpenetrating, imbuing and enlivening every aspect within the energetic and physical realm of that individual. It’s the descent of the golden light into this structure, into the individual, that is the golden Christed light, the golden light of Christ consciousness

…for what this is doing is giving each individual a unique resonance or unique energetic signature pattern, to be able to access the Christ consciousness. What it’s doing is giving a potentiality. It’s in working with it that the fullest potential can be manifest

…what we want to discuss right now is the use of this newly imbued Christ Consciousness Energy. For it its like having a new tool, in that having a new tool doesn’t change you just because you have a new tool. A new tool changes you because you use it and apply it

…Jesus, as the human who was able to use the tool of his Christ consciousness as he walked as a human on the planet, what did he do?

  • He was able to be in an unconditionally loving space.
  • He was able to be in a nonjudgmental space.
  • He was able to affect healing.
  • He was able to affect change.
  • He was able to inspire.
  • He was able to allow those around him, through his presence, through his actions, and through his words to transcend to a higher level of consciousness.

And in connecting with the Christed energy of this experience, it allows you to have tools to not necessarily become the next Jesus, for his path was unique to his Soul, but to be able to live a life that’s in connection, compassion, love and oneness, as was his message. The Christ consciousness is this level of consciousness, this level of embodiment of the next level of humanity, the next level of conscious ascension.
As one has this experience and connects with the Christ consciousness, sitting, feeling, experiencing, and observing from the level of the heart the experience of the golden light of Christ consciousness. And this is going to come in, in different ways for many people:

  • It might be that they feel a level of peace emanating from their heart
  • It may be they feel a level of clarity of understanding of a newly embodied place of compassion where it may not have existed before.
  • For those who are healers they may suddenly see their healing transforming. They might find themselves doing what they always do and feel more coming in, they may feel drawn to do something unique for that client in front of them that they’ve never done before.

This golden Christed light is the light that belongs to all of humanity that’s accessible to the entire planet…”

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