Tree of Life Crystalline Activation

Manifest More Easily!

Support and accelerate your ability to manifest. Program and reprogram this activation an UNLIMITED number of times for the rest of your life.

Are you striving to...

Manifest faster?

Easily align with what you desire from the inside out?

Feel more in control of your life and less affected by outside influences?

What is it?

A programmable, holographic, crystalline structure that provides support in manifesting from the inside out.

As you receive this activation you will program it with your desires, with the support of your Tree of Life Crystalline Activation practitioner. The crystalline structure then holds your positive vision in your energy field and broadcasts that frequency to the Universe and the planet, magnetizing to you energies and experiences that match your program.

You will be guided on how to program this crystalline activation, following your growth and desires, for the rest of your life. No additional sessions are necessary.

“This is the most powerful activation we have taught you so far.”

– The High Council of Orion      

What happens in a session:

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