Akashic Record Readings Testimonials

“This was SUCH a beneficial reading for me; I cannot express to you how much. I am feeling such gratitude for your ability … It was interesting for me.. When we were done, I felt exhausted – in a good way – like I just cleared immense energy.. and then today – I am so FREE!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 The heaviness is just lifted.. That is the best way I can describe it :)”

– M.S.

“I treated myself to this for my birthday and it really gave me some perspective and insight into some issues and thoughts I had been having for years. It really helps you to see the whole picture from a complete view of your life, past, present and future. It is very healing and empowering. I was able to get a copy of mine and I have listened to it a couple of times now. It really has brought me much peace.”

– C.D.

“…just wanted to stop by and say thank you again for my Akashic Records Reading. An experience I’ll not forget. I’m grateful for the experience and for the time you spent with me. You’re awesome.. :-)”

– R.P.

“Such a powerful gift. I am awed by it, too, Holly. Who knew? Thank God/Source for speaking through you for my healing/renewal. I can still feel the freedom, tangibly. How can I express my thanks to you!! — Keep up your wonderful work!”.

– A.F.

“You really helped me a lot and I wanted you to know that your work with the Akashic records is worthwhile. Thanks for you and what you share with all of us, much love now and always to you and your family.”

– Colleen Dhaoui.

“I am still reaping the benefits our your Akashic reading! The emotional toll/drain/hell that I had been in for 27 years is honestly gone. I feel detached in a good, healthy way and not carrying around the nameless, faceless, aching grief”

“In case you don’t remember clearly, I asked in my reading about how to make some progress with my Law of Abundance story. It’s been well over a year since I was able to add more than a few lines to it. It was suggested to me that I intersperse lessons within the story itself. I’ve thought about it during the week, but nothing gelled in terms of just how to do that. Today, I opened the story, read thru it, and the dam seems to have burst! Not only have I been able to find appropriate places in the story to inject LOA lessons, but I’ve been able to continue the story itself. Without adding any part of the lessons (only putting highlighted comments to remind me what lesson to insert, and where), my story is now about 80% longer than it was this morning. I only stopped because I can feel my energy dwindling.

– Tim Star

“I just want to thank you so very much for the reading. It has brought a clarity that I needed and was searching for. I can’t thank you enough!”
– Laural Davis.

“It was a very healing experience. This has been a wonderful gift from the Universe and I really thank you for helping me…from the deepest place in my soul I really, really thank you!!!!! Blessings to you always…”

– Esther Maya

“It was a gift to have the opportunity to have you assist me in this process and experience. I have gained insight, clarity, validation and healing, among others things from this experience.”

– Valorie Farber

“Thank you so much for this Holly. Very much appreciated. I hope I don’t need to tell you how tapped in you are. The information is clear and spot on. It had a very solid resonate feel, which is interesting in that it is one of the few readings that I have had that sort of sparked a stronger sense of knowingness and resolve in a different way. Difficult to explain, but it sort of felt like these pieces came together with a new “glue” if you will, pulling the disparate parts of me into a new alignment.”

– Kelly Woodruff

Isn’t it amazing? I’ve had two readings with Holly, and the information cuts to the core and helps to illuminate so much. I, too, highly recommend Holly’s Akashic Record Reading.

– Christine Upchurch.
  (Award winning leader, bestselling author, TEDx speaker, radio talk show host)

“I absolutely loved my Akashic Record reading with Holly! I found the energy of the reading and those coming through to be truly loving, supportive and encouraging. The information I received helped me to see new perspectives and make more confident choices. … This makes life more fun and joyful. After all, I am here for the joy of it! Thank you, Holly, for providing such a valuable service to others.”

– Sabrina Fritts

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