You’re on your way to experiencing an Akashic Record reading, bringing you into deeper connection and alignment with your Soul-Level Truth. Please read through the information below to assist you in getting ready for your reading so you have the best experience possible.

The Akashic Field is a profound energy field of Unconditional Love and Freedom from Judgment. Those same energies are ever-present in your Akashic Record reading. All of your questions are welcome. The information you receive in your reading will always presented in a safe, loving, positive, supportive, solution-oriented manner.


  • Your Akashic Record reading is scheduled for 1 hour. We will be in your Akashic Records for about 50 minutes.
  • The reading is a collaborative, interactive, conversational-style reading. You will get the most from your reading when you are there to interact, learn more, expand and open to new possibilities. We do this together.
  • It is your reading so you are welcome to record the session if you wish, take notes or listen without documenting it in anyway. Your choice!
    If we are on Zoom, and you’re on your computer, I can give you permission to record it so you have immediate access to the recordings. (this is not possible if you’re on Zoom via your phone, IPad or other tablet)
  • Optional: The Akashic Record reading can be recorded for you, if you wish, at no additional charge. After the reading is over you will be sent an mp3 audio file attached to an email. This is an optional service and I make no guarantees that the recording will be perfect each and every time. Please forgive me if there is a technological issue that prevents me from sending it along to you. We offer no refunds for a technological glitch with the recording.

Be Prepared:

  • Current Legal Name: To open your Akashic Records we need your current legal name. It will be used to open your Akashic Records. You do not need to send this in ahead of time. Simply be ready with it for your reading time.
  • Questions: The reading will be driven by your questions. Please create a list of 1 – 5 questions to ask during your reading. You do not need to send this in ahead of time. Simply have your questions ready at the time of your reading.

Best Questions:

  • It’s All About YOU! The focus of all of your questions should be you because we are in your Akashic Records. If you are curious about another individual in your life, please generate your questions from your point of view, about who they are in your life, why you are together, how you can best support them, what you can do for a more peaceful harmonious relationship, etc.
  • Your Life Now: You will receive the greatest benefit during you Akashic Record reading by asking questions about your life now. You are at the leading edge of growth in this lifetime right where you are now. Based on your questions, the response in your Akashic Records will focus on this current life, past lives or even your ancestors. We let your Soul Guidance Team guide where we go since they are the ones guiding your life.
  • How, What, Why? Come up with questions that start with How, What or Why? They will give you the greatest opportunity for shifting.
  • NO “Yes” or “No” Questions. If you have a questions that might elicit a simple yes or no answer, please reframe it using the point above so you can receive the best guidance that will support you in the most beneficial way. If you’re not sure on how to do that, no worries! We’ll work it out together during your session. 
  • When Questions: If you have a question about timing such as “When will my partner ask me to marry him/her?” and you are looking for a specific date, the Akashic Records will not go there with you. The Field of the Akasha is a Soul-Level dimension, guiding you to discover your highest potentials and pathways. It is not a substitute for your free will. If you have a timing question, take a moment to think more deeply about your question. What is it you really desire right now in terms of that same topic? Is it reassurance? Confidence? Clarity? Ask about that. Ask about the deeper concern.
  • What patterns have been recurring that you can’t seem to get beyond? All of us have patterns in our lives we can’t quite get past no matter how hard we have tried. Asking about those experiences that keep repeating are perfect for the Akashic Records!
  • Everything is “Free Game”. You’re free to ask about anything in your life:
    • Work life or career
    • Relationships: Great or problematic relationships are both fair game.
    • Money: Whether you have it or not.
    • Health
    • Areas you would love to grow in and thrive
    • There is no area of your human experience that is “off limits”

The Akasha is a multi-dimensional field. You do not need to concern yourself with whether your questions are past life related, or ancestrally related, or anything else. When you ask your questions your Soul Guidance Team will bring forward the right information from the correct dimensional time and place. If the origin of the energy in your question is related to your past lives, it will come forward. If the origin of the energy in your question is related to ancestral concerns, it will come forward. It will always be the most appropriate information for you at this point in time. You can trust that.

Sample Questions:

Here are a few types of questions you can peruse to spark your questioning mind! Your questions may be similar, but they may be different. The key is to tailor your questions to YOU and what you are concerned with or curious about now, in this life you are living!

  1. I have been in several significant relationships in my life. I am an aware person who takes responsibility for my part in a relationship ending. I am willing work on changing myself so I am in a better place for a more aligned partner each time a relationship ends. What I notice, though, is that the new relationship always seems better initially, then seems to deteriorate to the same place again. What can I know and understand about this relationship pattern so I can get to the other side of this? What has been my part in all of this? Where and when did this begin?
  2. I am profoundly unhappy in my job. I find the people I work with to be of “low vibration” and the overall office culture is one of tension, conflict, jealousy and backstabbing. The unfortunate part is that I have not had this job for very long. When I moved to this company I felt it was the opportunity I was waiting for! Initially it seemed that way. Now, after months of working there I realize I am in the same situation again, just in a new environment. What can I understand about this pattern and what do I need to do to create a better situation where I am now? Or, if it is best for me to leave, what can I know that will help me in finding a truly good work environment where I feel I can contribute in a really successful and meaningful way?
  3. I’m a solopreneur. I love having my own business, being my own boss and being solely responsible for my success…or failure. I am passionate about what I offer to the world and do not feel I am here to do anything differently. My greatest challenge is how to become more financially sustainable in a consistent way. I have short bursts of success followed by quiet moments where I wonder (yet again) if I should quit my business. What can I know and understand about this pattern of limited success of “just enough”, yet never getting past “just enough”? Also, can we open up the Akashic Records of my business to see what it has to say about how it would like to contribute and become more financially viable and consistent?
  4. Recently I had an annual physical exam and received some troubling news about some health concerns that seem to have developed. These problems are ones I have seen in my older family members and I am concerned that I will experience the same pain and suffering they have been dealing with over the past years. I would like to free myself from that family pattern and excuse myself from experiencing the same thing. What can I know and understand about changing these health concerns? How does this recent news relate to my family lineage? Am I doomed to experience the same thing or is there a way I can turn this around?

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