Creepy Feelings Be Gone!

Creepy Feelings Be Gone! We’ve all experienced this….walking into someone’s home, business, or even a public place and you just. feel. uncomfortable. You have no idea what it is, but you don’t want to stay so you look for a way to get out of there (politely) as soon as you can! You can feel

Ishtara- What a Glorious Moment This Is!

  In this video Holly Hawkins Marwood channels Ishtara. Ishtara talks about how to change your perception and energy of those moments when you are stuck in traffic, having a challenging time, etc. This helps your mental health, physical health, and changes how you perceive your day. Click on the link below to learn more

Expect Easy

Expect Easy

Implement the energy of “Expect Easy” and see the changes that will ripple through your life! Remember the Staples ad from years ago with the big red button and someone saying “That was easy!”? It was a powerful ad campaign and many people used that phrase in plenty of areas in our lives, aside from

Ishtara – How to Release Regret Now

This is a powerful two part message from Ishtara regarding our relationship with regret. If you have any regrets in your life, then you need to listen to this. “That makes sense from where you are, because that other pathway, as soon as you took one step onto the pathway you were on, the other

Ishtara – Duality and help with Personal Growth

Do you want some help with personal growth? In this video Holly Hawkins Marwood is channeling Ishtara, a multi-dimensional being. Ishtara talks about: Us living in a Polarized Dimension What is so beautiful about experiencing a polarized dimension? How Duality catalyzes change and growth When things are challenging, you are in motion to find a

Ishtara – How To Hold a Positive Vision in the Chaos

Dear Beloved Friends, In this video Holly channels a high dimensional Being by the name of Ishtara. Please click on the video and while playing click on the subscribe button bottom right of the video and click on the bell to be notified when new videos are published. In this video Ishtara explains the following:

Earth's Akashic Records

Message from Earth’s Akashic Records

With all that is going on in the world I was drawn to open the Earth’s Akashic Records. I wanted to hear directly from our beloved planet…to hear her voice and receive her wisdom. You can watch the video or read the transcript. Here is what I received… “Dear Beings of Light, Love and Vision,

Emotional and Personal Guidance in these COVID times

Dear Beloved Friends, Holly and I are blessed with access to the great wisdom and guidance from the High Council of Orion, for all matters, both personal, business, worldly, and most importantly spiritual. Their guidance is always simple, practical and extremely wise. Here is a series of 4 channeled messages (Video) where they share loving

Expansion as a Transformation Tool

Expansion as a Transformation Tool

Welcome to today’s Monday Messages from the Akash, channeled by Holly for all of you. Expansion as a Transformation Tool “Look for, consider, open to what is expansive in every moment, thought, choice, decision and experience. What choice feels expansive? What energy feels expansive? What idea feels expansive? Expanding awareness means you are growing, opening

Trust Expands

Welcome to today’s Monday Messages from the Akash, channeled by Holly for all of you. Trust Expands “Today, in this moment, you are invited to open your heart and awareness to the expansion of Trust. Invite the energy of Trust to flow into every aspect of your life: your mind, your feelings, your awareness, your

Just for Today

Just for Today

“Just for Today” is a quick daily practice I use to focus my moment, my day or even my week. It provides clarity, gives me momentum, supports me in where I am going and does it in a way that is easy. My “Just for Today” experiences happen in my Akashic Records so I know


Use this simple and effective way of transforming and transmuting emotions that are getting in your way…using the Akashic Records. Open Your Records & Connect with your Spirit Team in the Akashic Records. (aka your Masters, Teachers & Loved ones or MTLOs). Tap into the feelings that are feeling like too much. You know the

The Pace of Your Breath is the Pace of Your Life

Welcome to today’s Monday Messages from the Akash, channeled by Holly for all of you. The Pace of Your Breath is the Pace of Your Life   “Take time today, and every day, to slow down and breathe deeply. No matter where you are you can find a few moments to close your eyes down,

Enjoy more “Harmonious” into your life.

How to shift yourself to more Harmonious Experiences Channeled Message from the High Council of Orion   We wish to thank you for following us and being a part of our lives. Holly and I are so honored to share these teachings with you from the High Council of Orion. Please click on the video

Love: One of the Most Sought After Commodities

“Love is one of the most sought-after commodities in your world at this time, and yet it seems to be one of the most elusive! Many live their life feeling that love has forgotten them, it is for others, or that love is not reciprocated in any kind of meaningful way.     You’ve heard

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