Best Family Experiences this Holiday Season

Families! During this holiday time of year, between Halloween, Thanksgiving and the winter holidays of Christmas & Hanukkah, we often immerse ourselves into our families once again, especially the families we were born into. We plan trips, consider gifts, get together, spend more time with one another and are generally steeped more in the energy

Life Acceleration in the Akashic Records

Life Acceleration? Really? Who needs that? Funny topic, is it not, since LIFE seems to keep going faster and faster and it feels harder and harder to keep up with it all. Right? Finding the Sweet Spot on the Other Side What I am referring to is not the break-neck pace at which you are

What’s The Difference? 2 Akashic Records Courses

I am often asked… What’s the difference between the “Beginning” and the “Advanced” Akashic Records Certification courses? AND do I have to take the Beginning Course before the Advanced Course? Here is the answer you have all been on the edge of your seat waiting for! (LOL!) To begin with, both of these two courses

Kids & the Akashic Records

The Kids You Love & The Akashic Records

Kids! Kids! Kids! We have our own children. We have nieces, nephews, grandkids, kids of our friends, kids we teach, and kids who live in our neighborhoods. The next generation is a consistent part of our lives in a myriad of ways. Their natural joy, enthusiasm, love for life, and freedom is truly infectious. It

What’s Right About Me? Up-Ending Your Inner Critic

What’s Right About Me? We are all so familiar with being hard on ourselves, being over-critical and even downright mean to ourselves…in our heads. Right? Have you ever caught that sneaky Inner Critic undermining you, doubting you and keeping you small? Your Inner Critic gets at you through all those unconscious thoughts that roll around

National Pet Week® & the Akashic Records

It’s National Pet Week® here in the United States and this week is “dedicated to celebrating America’s more than 200 million pets that enrich our lives each and every day and encourage responsible pet care every day of the year. Whether companion, comedian, confidant or protector, our pets are always there for us and don’t

Springtime Rebirth & Renewal in the Akashic Records

It is such a highly energized time. We feel this as the sun is warmer, the days are longer, colors are bursting forth in the nature around us, and the energy of rebirth and renewal are so potent. Just as we like to renew our commitment to our life and our goals at New Years,

Navigate Global Stress with These! – Universal Sphere® + Akashic Records

HAPPY SPRING & AUTUMN! (for those in the Northern & Southern Hemisphere) CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO! Spring and Autumn are truly my two favorite seasons.And this year the energies in the world are creating quite a bit of tension, unrest and a general feeling of uncertainty. The way I work with these stressful

For Better, For Worse in the Akashics – Maintaining Inner Balance

This post could easily be entitled “Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape of Life with Ease, Grace & Trust” I am writing and posting this blog on Janaury 20, 2017 when the United States is inaugurating a new president….please read on. This is not about politics, which side of the road you are on, nor your opinions

“I’ll Have What She’s Having!” in the Akashic Records

“I’ll have what she’s having”…. Remember this classic quote from the movie “When Harry Met Sally” from the ‘80’s. If you aren’t sure what I mean, just look it up on YouTube. It is hysterically funny! Comparison But why am I talking about this when I want to share with you more about the Akashic

6 “Real Life” Reasons You Want to Learn the Universal Sphere®

Six “Real Life” Reasons to Learn the Universal Sphere® REASON #1: MANIFEST AMAZING RELATIONSHIPS Use the Universal Sphere to shift the energies in your current relationship, support you in manifesting the relationship of your dreams, or resolve relationships that have run their course. REASON #2: BALANCE YOUR CHAKRAS Unbalanced chakras = unbalanced living. Balanced chakras

What is the Soul Purpose of Relationships?

I always try to look at everything from the perspective of my higher self and my Soul. This has many benefits: It helps me not get affected or lost in my emotions It helps me stay open to solutions and other ideas that I may not have considered It helps me tap in to a

STOP Bullying & Other Family Stresses

Bullying is National News These Days It seems rampant on school playgrounds, in the office and, sadly, even in families. It is hard to know if the occurrence of bullying is higher or if there is more awareness of it due to our increased access to information. It is Very Stressful Regardless of the trend

High Council of Orion – Lean In – 14th Nov 2016

Sign up for High Council of Orion messages. We will also keep you informed of live Q & A events and specials. CHANNELED MESSAGE FROM THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION 14th November 2016 Channeled & Transcribed by Holly Hawkins Marwood LEAN IN “Now Is the time, Dear Ones Lean in to Your Light Lean in

High Council of Orion – Now Is The Time – 9th Nov 2016

Sign up for High Council of Orion messages. We will also keep you informed of live Q & A events and specials. CHANNELED MESSAGE FROM THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION 9th November 2016 Channeled & Transcribed by Holly Hawkins Marwood NOW IS THE TIME “Greetings Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion. Now

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