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Akashic Record Reading Testimonials

“I am still reaping the benefits our your Akashic reading! The emotional toll/drain/hell that I had been in for 27 years is honestly gone. I feel detached in a good, healthy way and not carrying around the nameless, faceless, aching grief”   Such a powerful

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Archangel Raphael

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood February 2012 Recently, I was called to channel and sat down to tune in and feel the presence of those who wished to speak. I had my usual guides show up and I also felt the presence of another being

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What is Ascension?

What is Ascension? Ascension is a natural cycle within creation of rising and falling energies; “higher” and “lower” times in our creation’s history. Historically, in order to ascend, humanity needed to go through a “death/rebirth” cycle. It would mean that the world as it was

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Making 2012 the Best Year Ever!

  Time of Renewal It’s January, another New Year and a time of renewal. This time is always filled with excitement, promise, and new choices, as we reset our life and our patterns; in other words it is “clean slate” time. For some, the previous

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