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Life’s Lessons from the Seat of My Bike

Mountain Biking? Have you been mountain biking? I’m sure some of you have and you tear around the hills just like my husband, Paul, does! Some of you might not have been on a bike since you were a kid and cannot imagine riding on the rocks, dirt and ruggedness! Many of you might enjoy

Universal Sphere – Multiple session discount package

                                              Living a Heart Centered Life. Take a moment to contemplate. How much time in a day am I in my heart? Better still make a commitment each hour to feel how much of that hour you were living from your heart. In a given day, what do you realistically feel this number is? 10 minutes,

Do you really know what your life purpose is?

Do you know what your life purpose is? Are you clear on what makes you TRULY HAPPY? Being happy for bit but, not satisfied is NOT TRULY HAPPY. I’m sure you can think of a time that you did something that made your heart sing. You felt like you were on top of the world.

111™Activation & The Reconnection®: Which One is Better?

Not Just Either/Or…How about MORE?!?! As a Lightworker, the scope of my work has grown and expanded to include MORE. What is beautiful about being in a place of MORE means I do not have to be in the place of EITHER/OR! Unlimited Universe The Universe is infinitely abundant and unlimited so there will always

111® Activation – What changes have I experienced

What is the 111 Activation?                            The 111 Activation is an experience that assists us in moving forward in our lives, in our life path, in our ascension. Some changes can be felt immediately but their true effects unfold over time. An example of this is our authenticity. We may experience it immediately but


We all have our own version of the truth that is true to us. However, if you want to move forward in your true Authenticity, I guide you to “LOOK WITHIN” to your HEART to find the “REAL TRUTH”.   I already know the truth OK, so some might say, “But I already know the

Is Fido Feisty? Is Mittens Miffed?

                        Using the Universal Sphere for your Beloved Pets Not Feeling Well? Our pets are like our children. We love them, nurture them, and happily receive their unconditional love. So, when they are not feeling well, acting out, or we see a shift in their behavior we can become concerned about what is going on with

How Was It For You?…….

or….. How the 111™ Activation Changed My Life Alignment. Authenticity. “Light Vehicle of Transformation” What kind of descriptions are those and what do they mean?  These words, and many more, are used to describe what the 111 Activation can potentially do for you. They sound interesting and perhaps even “good”, but what do they really

111 Activation – Clarity, Alignment, Authenticity, Wisdom and a Better Life

111 Activation bringing you to a greater level of Clarity Alignment and Authenticity with who you are. If you were to stand in front of two doors: one door labeled “HAPPINESS” and the other door labeled “FRUSTRATION”, which door would you choose? Of course, everyone would choose the Happiness door. The reality is that at

The Universal Sphere™ – Helping you to live a Heart-Centered life

What is the primary focus in all that we do in our lives? To give love, receive love and be happy. If you take a moment to review the main things that you have done in your life, at least one of the three above is most likely the driving force behind those choices and

Changing Your Experience of Life

Who Cares about Transformation and Evolution? The world in which I live, the world of healing, transformation, and evolution, is one that so easily gets lofty and esoteric in the way it is explained that most people will just scratch their heads, look away or change the subject! Of course they do! I don’t blame

Testimonial: 111™ Activation and Universal Sphere™ – Balanced power, love and understanding.

Testimonial from CM’s client: I swapped a session with a friend in Germany. She did a RH session with me, I did the Universal Sphere™ and 111™ Activation with her. She’s very tuned into the world of energy, and here’s her description of what she found in my energy field: “it was sooo special, I

Testimonial:111™ Activation Testimonial – Life Expansion

Testimonial from SL’s client: After exploring the 111 Activation on the 1150 KKNW website I decided to give it a try. This beautiful session was more than I expected…it felt both peaceful and light. During the session I felt the cooling sensation of energy shifting in my body. I felt a lightness upon leaving that

Tune up your life with the 111® Activation

I am in deep gratitude for receiving my 111® Activation twelve months ago. It has made such a difference to me and my life, I am drawn to share with as many people as possible the benefits of receiving this experience. Taking Care of Ourselves We live in a world of SELL! SELL! SELL! And

Take the Oxygen Mask for Yourself First

What I have been learning recently is the value of taking care of myself before I take care of others or before I attend to the duties and responsibilities of my life on a daily basis. Life’s Recent Challenges I won’t kid you to think my life has felt easy, smooth, or free from inner

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