Akashic Records Trilogy


Akashic Records Trilogy

Discover Three Keys to Activating Confidence & Success in the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are available to everyone & accessible by anyone
with the interest!

The challenge for many is to shorten their learning curve and feel comfortable & confident in working in this sacred dimension.

It is one thing to know you can access the Akashic Records, and it is another thing to feel good working in the Akashic Records.

The key is to easily develop your confidence in working in the Akashic Records so you can utilize this incredible spiritual tool to:

#1 – heal & release patterns that no longer serve you

#2 – anchor yourself to success in your here & now

#3 – cultivate confidence to move towards your dream

#4 – develop a close working relationship with your spirit team exclusive to your Akashic Records

#5 – anchor energetic change into your life to create tangible & lasting transformation

Join Holly for this dynamic and interactive 4-Hour experience with the Akashic Records where you’ll not only be introduced to the Akashic Records, but also learn THREE KEY EXERCISES that are ideally suited to success as you learn to develop a positive relationship with your Akashic Records!


#1 – Understand about the Akashic Records and their benefits for each of us during our Awakening.

#2 – Be introduced to the Akashic Records Nouveau™ Invocation as a pathway into the Akashic Records.

#3 – Journey into your own Akashic Records via guided experiences.

#4 – Learn & Experience Three Key Ways to Work in the Akashic Records that rapidly shift your energies into alignment and support you in creating positive forward momentum in your life.


12 – 4 PM ET
(9 AM PT, 10 AM MT, 11 AM CT4



There are not pre-requisites to join in this course. Everything you need to successfully participate in this course will be part of the experience.


$88 USD
Early Registration discount of 11% good through October 14th, 2023
Use the discount code: ARTearly

Holly in Namaste Position

Your Instructor:

Your instructor, and guide, for the Akashic Records Trilogy course is Holly Hawkins. Holly is in her 13th year passionately working, on a professional level, in the Akashic Records. She has taught spiritually striving individuals from all over the globe to access their own Akashic Records, as well as facilitated thousands of 1:1 sessions with clients from all walks of life.

Holly’s courses are offered in a safe, compassionate & supportive environment with plenty of time to digest, ask questions and receive guidance throughout. She knows that it is everyone’s birthright to access their Akashic Records if it is the right time for them personally. She is here to impart her deep understanding, gained from consistent work on both a personal and professional level, to give everyone the confidence to know that they, too, can be successful working in this sacred, spiritual and personally empowering dimension.

It is her JOY to celebrate each and every person who attends her classes, or comes for a 1:1 session, as they step into alignment with the deep Soul Wisdom that is flowing through them and live in deeper alignment with it.


Oct 28 2023


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Online Program
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