Connect To Your Galactic Lineage

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Online as a Webinar, or
Live in person at Oceanside CA 92054

Workshop Investment:
What you will learn and experience:

  • Who you really are as a Soul
  • Find out your galactic lineage
  • Trace Your Star Lineage with “Seth” and access your Akashic Records
  • What you are here on Earth to do Now?
  • How to live beyond duality & limitation
  • Finding your Savior within
  • Tools to use immediately in your daily life to shift your vibration to your True Reality

lauriepuddahLaurie Reyon is an internationally known Interspecies Communicator and Soul Healer. Her gifts allow her to speak to the Angels and the Animals and translate their messages for humanity.
Master Puddah is an aspect of the Soul of Seth. Seth is an ancient Being who is a wisdom teacher and an Ascension Guide. The Soul aspect of Seth is incarnated into the body of a cat named Puddah who is telepathic with Laurie Reyon.

paul-holly226x150Holly Hawkins Marwood is a conscious channel, teacher, healer and guide with a lifelong passion for transformation, healing, and assisting others on their soul’s journey.  Holly is an international speaker and trainer in spirituality, energy medicine, healing as well as soul and life guidance.

Paul is an International speaker, teacher, practicing healer and transformational guide offering his vision, clarity and heart through being a certified Akashic Record reader, and offering a variety of Soul Genesis transformational processes. Paul channels the Arcturians, his guides and many more.


Jan 10 2016


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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