Explore Past Lives, Ancestors and Karmic Connections Workshop (Tokyo, Japan)

Akashic Records Nouveau – Foundation Workshop

Akashic Records Nouveau – Foundation Workshop

Learn to Work in the Akashic Records with the new, innovative Akashic Records Nouveau program. This is positive, forward-thinking and supportive of the manifestation of your Highest Potential.

If you have a desire to open to your inner wisdom, discover your Light, and live beyond the energy of limitation, then you have what it takes to work in the Akasha.

Everyone can do this. It is your birthright to be able to access this information and positively move forward in your life.

This is our introductory, or beginning, course where you’ll learn the basics and a variety of uses of the Akashic Records. Interested in creating your own Akashic Records Practice by offering these life-transforming sessions to others? Then you’ll want to follow this class with our Practitioner Certification course.

Venue: Online Live Teaching (Zoom)

Language: English & Japanese

Cost: ¥ 88,000 (tax included)
Special price for both the Foundation and Practitioner workshop. ¥121,000




Welcome to the Foundational Course of the Akashic Records Nouveau Program.

In this Course you will learn:

  • What the Akashic Records are and what they are not
  • How to consistently and confidently open into the Akashic Records using the new Akashic Records Nouveau Invocation
  • Learn & Experience
    • To successfully work in your own Akashic Records
    • How to successfully offer Akashic Records sessions for others
    • Methods for understanding and resolving old energies from the past
    • How real healing happens in every single experience in the Akashic Records
    • A number of additional ways the gifts of the Akasha can be experienced as you apply them to:
      • Your Business
      • Your Home
      • Your Pets
    • Lots of Success Tips which will help to grow your confidence quickly and effectively
    • How the Akashic Records are a catalyst for positive, forward movement in all areas of your life

You will have many opportunities to be in your own Akashic Records, as well as those of your fellow students. You will learn and apply these concepts in a positive, supportive environment.

  • アカシックレコードとは何か、アカシックレコードではないものは何か。
  • アカシックレコードを開くための新しい「祈り(召喚)」の言葉
  • アカシックレコードの中で癒しと変容を起こす3ステップ
  • 自分のアカシックレコードを開き、取り組み方を学ぶ
  • 他者のアカシックレコードを開き、取り組み方を学ぶ
  • 人以外のもののアカシックレコードの読み解き方と使い方:ペット、家庭、ビジネスなど
  • アカシックレコードでエネルギーヒーリングを行う
  • 今この瞬間に必要な導き、智慧、ひらめきに関する「今日の助言」をもらう
  • 過去世や先祖のエネルギーパターンを解消する
  • 無条件の自己愛につながる
  • リーディングへの信頼を育むことのできる秘訣を知る
  • 人生のあらゆる側面で、ポジティブに前進するための触媒としてアカシックレコードを活用する
  • アカシックレコードに入り、「未来の可能性」を探る




  • アカシックレコードに興味のある方
  • アカシックレコードリーディングを習得したい方
  • 魂の目的を知り、より意識的で共同創造的な関係をつくりたいと思っている方。
  • 自分の本質を解き放ち、本当の自分で生きたい方。またそのように他者をサポートしたい方。
  • トラウマを癒し、生き生きとした人生を送ることは可能で、実現したいと感じる方
  • 魂の情報や、内なる叡智に繋がって人生を送りたいと感じている方
  • 分離の幻想を消滅させ、ワンネス(一体性)へと意識を開きたい方
  • 怖れではなく愛に基づいて生きたい方

Holly and Paul Marwood are International Akashic Records Instructors and Readers who is passionate about sharing the gifts and benefits of the Akashic Records with the world. They believe that everyone should know how to use this incomparable resource to help them manifest the life of their dreams. You can read more about the classes they teach and the sessions that they offer through their business, Soul Genesis. They work internationally and locally and offer sessions at a distance as well as in person.


Dec 04 - 05 2021


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Online Program
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