Manifest like a Master – April 2019 (Tokyo)

Manifest in alignment with your Highest Potential,
by harnessing the energies of the Unified Field.


We have great appreciation and gratitude for Synchronicity Japan, so we can bring this to you in Tokyo.

When: April 20th & 21st, 2019, 10 am – 5 pm local time
Where: Tokyo Venue to be confirmed
Instructors: Paul Marwood & Holly Hawkins Marwood
Language: This workshop will be taught in both English and translated into Japanese.
Registration: (Please note the button below takes you to Voice Japan’s website for registration.)
Break through the delusion of old paradigms where you feel:

  • Unworthy
  • Not good enough
  • Resources are limited
  • Vulnerable to shine your unique Light to the world

New times call for new energies! This 2-day course will up-level your knowledge, awareness and energies to be in alignment with creating with the limitless Unified Field.
Discover & experience how you can:

  • Entrain to the unlimited Universal resources as you break through outmoded paradigms and thought barriers
  • Up-level your worthiness to receive all the abundant gifts you desire
  • Learn potent ways to work with your energies to maximize all your manifesting efforts
  • Embody the confidence and empowerment that comes with knowing yourself as a Manifesting Master.

You will receive practical energy tools and experiences for:

  • Your Greatest Embodiment: Allowing your energies to be deeply embodied in your life’s experience as a tool for maximum acceleration in your manifesting in 3D
  • Highest Potential Attunement: Align yourself to the abundant vibrations of your Highest Potential and your Worthiness to Receive
  • Deconstructing old, out-moded beliefs around scarcity, lack and limitation, and unworthiness, which hold you back and contribute to feeling stuck and not able to have the life you desire
  • Installation of the New: New thoughts, ideas and repeatable experiences allowing you to become a Manifesting Master!

During the workshop you will receive the wisdom and guidance from Ishtara, a multi-dimensional master, channeled through Holly.
This course is grounded in practicality so you will also receive reality-based methods you can apply immediately to every aspect of your life.


Apr 20 - 21 2019


10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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