Universal Sphere Workshop – October 2018 (Tokyo)

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Live with Greater Ease
Navigate the Ups and Downs of Life Gracefully
Work with Universal Energies assisting in manifesting better outcomes in Every Area of Your Life

When: This two day course meets October 20 & 21, 2018, 10 am – 5 pm local time
Where: NATURAC Hatchchobori Conference Room (Chuo-ku , Tokyo )
Instructors: Paul Marwood & Holly Hawkins Marwood, founders of the 111® Activation
Registration: (Please note the button below takes you to Voice Japan’s website for registration.)
Universal Sphere180x150The Universal Sphere is an easy to learn energy “technique”, or experience, that was brought through to us which allows you to manifest in more Divine ways and live from your Heart.
On a practical level, learning to work with the Universal Sphere gives you an easy way to bring the perfection of Universal Energies into your life and easily increase your manifestation of:

  • Improved outcomes to events and situations
  • Better relationships
  • Peace
  • Clarity
  • Healing
  • Love
  • Connectedness
  • Relaxation
  • MORE!

It can be used for yourself, for others, for your pets (or other animals), your business, your home, your room, your office, your garden….(you get the picture!) AND it can be done in person OR at a distance with equal effectiveness!

This is a profoundly beautiful and easy to learn experience that is just waiting for you to use on anything and everything!
In this course you will:

  • Learn what the Universal Sphere® is
  • Learn how to “feel” and connect with the energies
  • Practice it with yourself and others in the class (distance experience)
  • Be fully qualified to apply it in a myriad of ways as a practitioner
  • Know how to offer it to create or add to your energy practice, if you wish.

This course will have enormous benefits for you for the rest of your life. You will be forever glad you attended this class.
Taught by: Paul Marwood & Holly Hawkins Marwood
For any questions please contact me directly Paul@Soul-Genesis.com
1 (760) 803-2338
This is a channeled excerpt talking about the Universal Sphere.

Please watch this video describing the Universal Sphere®.

For more information about this, please go to:


Oct 20 - 21 2018


10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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