You Awakening Telesummit Interview – The Universal Sphere®

New energy modality, easy to learn, limitless potential.

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In the old Piscean age we learned to do energy modalities that were powerful yet limited and required specific processes and disciplines that were learned over months and years. We have shifted to a new Aquarian age where we now have access to new more unlimited tools and abilities. The Universal Sphere® is one of these.

In this interview you will:

  • Experince a Universal Sphere® becaue you need to experience this as words do not do it justice
  • Learn what the Universal Sphere® is, in general terms
  • How the Universal Sphere came to this planet
  • How it is so much more unlimited that traditional modalities, and how it can help you in a multitude of ways
  • Then as part of the special offers after the interview, you can not only experience it, but also learn how to do this both for yourself and others in 4.5 hours from the comfort of your own home, so you can use it to bring in ease, solution energy, healing, spiritual and conscious evolution into your life and others.

In 2011, we were taught from High Dimensional Beings this new modality that breaks down the limitations we have known and experienced. It is easily learned in a handful of hours, can be done in 7 minutes and can be used to:

  • Help improve your relationships
  • Help you live a more heart-centered life
  • Manifest improved outcomes to events and situations in your life
  • Bring in new solutions to challenging problems
  • Feel greater inner Peace every day
  • Embody Clarity to make wiser decisions
  • Heal on multiple levels: your mind, physical and light bodies
  • More easily connect to and express unconditional Love
  • A Greater Connectedness to your Higher Self
  • Expand your consciousness to the level of the Unified Field
  • Experience Deep Relaxation
  • MORE!


Jul 20 2017


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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