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Are you seeking new and different solutions to the issues in your life and in the world? The good news is that “Soul-ution Energy” abounds. You can learn to connect with and trust your Soul-Level Guidance, helping you to find your ideal place of Thriving in the Brilliance of your Heart and Soul.Join us each week as we dive into a new topic of interest, hear the Higher Wisdom from the High Council of Orion and other non-physical beings, and receive the answers to your questions.
We will also reveal more about Soul Activations that you can experience to support your personal growth, and Soul Guidance to empower yourself by tapping into your Soul-level resource through the Akashic Records, and receive the answers that are right for every aspect of your life.


As a Network Director and Executive Producer I speak with top professionals to develop and deliver their message through internet radio.

Paul & Holly Marwood decided the VoiceAmerica platform could help them put their message out to the world. Their message is aimed at assisting the audience to improve their lives through a greater connection to their own inner guidance using the knowledge and personal tools that Paul & Holly provide. Their material contains both channeled and practical aspects to allow people to thrive in their lives.

Early statistic results have been exceptionally good. In the 1st three weeks on air their message attracted over 3500 listeners!!

Through their live and download listenership stats, in 3 months they are already placed 12th out of the 49 Hosts on the 7th Wave channel of Voice America.

They have an extensive global audience, with the majority of their listenership being in Canada, United States, Ghana, Netherlands, Chile, Mexico, and Australia, with additional listenership in France, United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Ireland, Germany and other countries.

Paul & Holly Marwood, through their Soul Genesis show aimed in the personal development area, are rapidly growing a global audience.

Sandra L Rogers Network Director Voice America

Episode 13 – 11/5/2014 – Solving the World’s Problems

Episode 12 – 10/30/2014 – Personal, Planetary and Interplanetary Changes in these Times of Change with guest John M. Tettemer P.E.

Episode 11 – 10/23/2014 – “Our Expectations” and how that affects our Manifestation?

Episode 10 – 10/16/2014 – Solution Energy

Episode 9 – 10/9/2014 – Activations – Listen to what others are saying about the Activations!
With guests Heather Coon, Yolanda Williams and Talua Manning.

Episode 8 – 10/2/2014 – Activations – How they can help you transform your life

Episode 7 – 9/25/2014 – Evolutionary Support Tools

Episode 6 – 9/18/2014 – What is Ascension?

Episode 5 – 9/11/2014 – Finding the Truth Within.

Episode 4 – 9/4/2014 – Akashic Records: What are they and how can they help me?

Episode 3 – 8/28/2014 – How’s Life Working for You?

Episode 2 – 8/21/2014 – Tapping into your Higher level consciousness

Episode 1 – 8/14/2014 – Meet Paul, Holly and the High Council of Orion




The Universal Sphere on Awaken To Happiness Now with host Alara Canfield – Interview with Paul & Holly Marwood

In this interview we explain in general terms the Universal Sphere® and it’s origins. There is a live channeled message from Ishtara for the audience, audience Q and A time and a group Universal Sphere® for you to experience a sample of how peaceful and centered you feel in just 5 minutes after receiving a group Universal Sphere®. The Universal Sphere® can help you in so many ways.


Paul Marwood discussing the Universal Sphere on You Can Heal Global Summit with co-host Dr Jennifer Furcht

In this interview Paul explains how the Universal Sphere® can benefit you in a multitude of ways, you get to experience a group Universal Sphere®, which works just as well live or on a replay, where you experience a sample of how peaceful and centered you feel in just 5 minutes after receiving a Universal Sphere®. This interview just touches on how the Universal Sphere® can help you in so many ways. Contact us to learn more.


Conscious Couples Interview with host Maria Appelqvist – Interview with Paul & Holly Marwood

Maria Appelqvist interviewed 8 conscious couples and formulated the important “take aways” into her book Conscious Love.

Here is a link to purchase her book


The Universal Sphere on Real Raw and Uncensored – Interview with Paul & Holly Marwood

Interview with Stacey Hollick where we explain this new modality and how it can help you in so many ways.


The Akashic Records on Real Raw and Uncensored – Interview with Paul & Holly Marwood

Interview with Stacey Hollick where we explain the Akashic Records and how you can be guided in your life by the wisdom of your Soul.


Audacious Authenticity Symposium – Interview with Paul & Holly Marwood

Interview with Kirsten Liegmann on the Audacious Authenticity Symposium regarding Being Authentic, how it applies to us and our business Soul Genesis.


The Tawnya Love Show – Interview with Holly Hawkins Marwood


Change Angel – Interview with Paul Marwood


Conscious Awareness TV
Soul Guidance – Interview with Holly Hawkins Marwood


Conscious Awareness TV
Soul Activations – Interview with Paul Marwood




Unbounded Potential – Universal Sphere® Interview with Paul Marwood

Clarence Caldwell

True Life Academy Podcast – Law of Attraction interview with Holly Marwood

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Unbounded Potential – Interview with Paul & Holly Marwood

Dr Pat Show

The Dr Pat Show – 31 December 2013 – Conscious Channel of the High Council of Orion


The Christine Upchurch Show – 7 June 2013 – Accessing your Akashic Records


Reiki Radio – Soul Session:Akashic Records – Holly Hawkins Marwood

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