6-Month Program

Starts April 5th 2023
Ignite & accelerate the spiritual business your soul is yearning to create…
Confidently step into your light, expand beyond limitations and, make your dreams possible.

Rather than feel…

Instead– Imagine if your soul-aligned success didn’t have to feel hard…

Because all of this is possible when you learn how your energetic alignment is the key to your success!

You’ll create the growth, momentum and impact you’re dreaming about, because when you know how to come into Energetic Alignment, the mystery and confusion will dissolve.

You’ll release:

You’ll embody:

The good news is you can learn all this, and more, to experience infinite possibilities and fast-track your business!


Starts April 5th 2023

A 6-month live, immersive course designed for lightworkers, like you, who wish to accelerate all aspects their spiritual business by optimizing and aligning their energies with their business.

The energy of success, like worthiness, tends to be embodied by people after they’ve achieved certain milestones such as money, notoriety, number of clients, number of sales, growth in business, etc.

No matter where you’re currently at in your business, you can align to the energy of embodied and unconditional success right now.

Why wait when you can anchor in the energy of success before you even reach any external milestones? 

Shift your thoughts and foster belief in yourself and the success of your business.

This allows you to naturally magnetize success energetically towards you.

When you're energetically aligned you'll:

Prices are in USD. Pay in full and affordable payment plans available. Canadian currency exchange discount available by booking a call with Holly.

Curious if the Spiritual Business Accelerator is the right fit for you? Book a call with me and let’s chat.

What You Will Receive

Holly in Namaste Position

1:1 Akashic Records Sessions with Holly

Receive 6 personal Akashic Records sessions to be used throughout the program, in support of your focused growth and expansion. Choose a business or personal Akashic Record session each time. Your choice!

Monthly Themed Live Sessions

The 1st week of each month, we’ll kick off with a 3-hour training & experience centered on the monthly theme. This powerful session sets the tone for the whole month!

Office Hours

A private hub where you can get your most pressing questions answered and receive guidance anytime through the program.

Private Membership Community

Join in the private membership community for the Spiritual Business Accelerator only! This space is designed for ongoing support, connection, celebration and community.

Full Access To Course Recordings & Materials

We’ll provide new material each month related to the monthly theme along with suggested activities to support your goals archived in one easy-to-access area. All materials, plus recordings, will be archived for you indefinitely.

BONUS! Pre-Launch Training

Dive into the Akashic Records right away with these two mini-courses:
Akashic Records Accelerator: An expansive 3-hour mini-course introducing you to the Akashic Records, and then how to work in both your personal and your business Akashic Records.

Accelerate Your Healing Journey: A powerful 2-hour mini-course, using the Akashic Records, that guides you to release old patterns keeping you from being fully present and aligned to your forward movement in all areas of your life. This is a game-changer!

Spiritual Business Accelerator Breakdown:

Each month takes you on a journey through key energies, beliefs, & experiences where you awaken to your current energy pattern
and begin your transformation, using the Akashic Records, and other energy tools.


An often overlooked, but hugely significant, component of being a successful spiritual business owner is your inner game. This month we look at key beliefs, expectations and experiences that might impact your spiritual business. Everyone has something, and this month we focus on acknowledgement and release. Your future self will thank you.


Let’s lay the foundation for your future business success now! This month we open to the vision what success is to you and then learn how to energetically align with it .  This is such a powerful way to be clear on your unique path to fulfilling your mission.(Hint: It’s not just about money!)


We all have a relationship with money, what’s yours? Do you see it as a positive energy in your life or a tool for the corrupt? This month we explore our existing beliefs & energies around money,  then cultivate new ones to allow greater flow into your life and business.


Do you ever stop to imagine what your life ‘could’ be like? How far you will go? What your future self look like? This month we open to and connect with our Highest Potential and our Future Self and learn to work with these energies to support our positive forward momentum in a variety of ways.


Let’s talk business. Open to what it means to be a business owner who is a spiritual entrepreneur! With energetic support from the Akashic Records, create a grounded action plan for your business or practice. Learn to use the Akashic Records as a tool to plan the practical aspects of your business in realistic, meaningful ways.


Move from grounded practicality to your Vision! Connecting with the energy of your Vision, allowing yourself to energetically align with it now, allows your vision to pull you forward.  This month we craft your sustainable plan for creation, execution and forward movement for your business informed by your Vision.

Additional Energy Tools and Experiences, including, but not limited to:

  • Kundalini Yoga for Prosperity, Success, Breaking Limiting Patterns and more
  • Ho’oponopono: a powerful practice for reconciliation and forgiveness of self, plus an overall energetic game-changer
  • Tapping, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), is a supportive practice for strengthening the mind/body connection and releasing anxiety and stress.
  • Breathwork has been proven to increase resilience, improve sleep, support better decision-making amongst the many other benefits!

If we haven’t met yet... Hi, I’m Holly Hawkins!

A teacher, guide, and conscious channel with a lifelong passion for transformation, healing, and assisting others on their soul’s journey. 

 I am also an international speaker and trainer in spirituality, energy medicine, healing as well as soul and life guidance.

I am also an InternationalAkashic Records Instructor and Reader, assisting many others in connecting with the gifts
of the Akashic Records.

My passion is guiding people to fully embrace their innate ability to access their soul’s guidance and live in the brilliance of the fullest expression of their heart and soul.

I love to help Lightworkers, like you, become successful so you can heal the world with your gifts.

I would love to hear about your dreams & visions for your spiritual business and how the  Spiritual Business Accelerator Program can support you in achieving them!

Prices are in USD. Pay in full and affordable payment plans available. Canadian currency exchange discount available by booking a call with Holly.

Curious if the Spiritual Business Accelerator is the right fit for you? Book a call with me and let’s chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?
Spiritual, or aspiring, spiritual entrepreneurs, energy workers, and life coaches who feel stuck playing small, doomed to stay at their day job, and feel they will never fulfill their mission or purpose. It is designed for those who are ready to expand beyond limitations, confidently step into their light, and know that all they dream about in their business is possible.

How is this different from other courses I’ve taken? 
You’ll learn & experience how to become aware and aligned energetically, fully embodied with your impact (yes, even before your clients show up!), and anchored in your unique gifts, so then everything you do for your business will be more successful.


How do Akashic Records fit in? 
Working in your personalAkashic Records, as well as your business’ Akashic Records, allows you to release out-moded patterns & energies impacting you,  then anchor in new frequencies that align to your vision & mission,  The guidance you receive via the Akashic Records creates the safe, loving container that supports you in discovering what you know you’re here to do, and then shares the guidance necessary to embody your success.

What is the difference between a personal and business Akashic Record session?
You can open up your personal Akashic Records to receive guidance about every single area of your life. The guidance flows from your inner wisdom, your inner knowingness, and supports your alignment to living your Highest Potential.

Your business has an Akashic Record as well, which means you can tap into the specific, innate wisdom from your business.  You open the potential to receive guidance and direction specifically related to the focus and mission of your business. Using the Akashic Records of your business enhances and augments your decisions, choices and actions.

The sweet spot of the growth and expansion of your business occurs when you use both: your personal and your business’ Akashic Records!

Can I afford the Spiritual Business Accelerator?
A better question is can you afford not to invest in this course? Your ROI (return on investment) in this course will pay dividends as you break through limitations, old patterns and step into your aligned confidence. You’ll receive the multi-faceted support you need, in a heart-centered container, that provides you with the consistency you need to break through to the next level of your success.

I offer easy payment plans to make this more easily affordable for everyone. Simply select one of the options below or hop on a free call and I will break everything down for you. 

Begins April 5th, 2023

If you’re ready to explore your next step as a spiritual business owner, click the button below to select a payment option or book a time to chat. Together we’ll see if the SBA is a good fit for you.

Prices are in USD. Pay in full and affordable payment plans available. Canadian currency exchange discount available by booking a call with Holly.

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