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From Stuck to Solutions

Have you ever felt stuck in your life?
Or have you had a situation where you don’t have the answers or a solution to fix it?
Join us in this complimentary three day event,

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Release 2021 – Embrace 2022

Join international instructors, Holly & Paul Marwood, as they 1) guide you to open the Akashic Records to review 2021 then 2) help you choose the energies you wish to play with, experience and embody in the coming year. Then anchor them into your energy field by connecting with the Field of Infinite Possibilities via Universal Sphere® experiences.

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Akashic Records Reading Practitioner Workshop (Tokyo, Japan)

Akashic Records Nouveau – Foundation Workshop Akashic Records Nouveau – Foundation Workshop Learn to Work in the Akashic Records with the new, innovative Akashic Records Nouveau program. This is positive, forward-thinking and supportive of the manifestation of your Highest Potential.If you have a desire to

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