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Akashic Records

Akashic Records Certification Courses Inquiring Minds are Asking…..What Akashic Records Certification courses do you teach and how do I know which one to take? Wonder no more! I offer three separate Akashic Records Certification Courses. Each one is a powerful, inspiring dive into the Akashic Records. Please watch

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Best Family Experiences this Holiday Season

Families! During this holiday time of year, between Halloween, Thanksgiving and the winter holidays of Christmas & Hanukkah, we often immerse ourselves into our families once again, especially the families we were born into. We plan trips, consider gifts, get together, spend more time with

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5 Tips to Build Your Akashic Muscles Fast!

Stuck trying to be great in the Akashic Records? Were you drawn to read your Akashic Records, excited about the potential of what you would do with them and now feel as if you are never going to “get it”? Has it passed through your

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Savor Your Akashic Record Readings

One question I receive more than any other about Akashic Record Readings is a version of this: “I feel I am not getting anything when I go into my Akashic Records. Am I not supposed to be in my records at all? Am I not

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Three Secrets to Unlocking Ease in the Akashic Records

You took the Beginning Akashic Records course. You connected. You overcame your fears. You probably even said to yourself “YES! I got this…I can do this!” You left the class feeling uplifted, confident and excited to go forth and read the Akashic Records. You might

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