The Universal Sphere®

Become an Empowered Creator in Your Life!
Access the Field of Infinite Possibilities

The Universal Sphere®

Become and Empowered Creator in Your Life! Access the Field of Infinite Possibilities

A New Energy Experience

The Universal Sphere® is a vibrational tool that supports you in connecting with higher consciousness, and rapidly brings you into a place of feeling deeply calm and centered.

This experience increases your connection and awareness of the Unified Field, and expands your frequency to be in a Field of Infinite Possibilities and immersed in Solution Energy.

The Universal Sphere is powerful! It supports you in transforming every aspect of your life. Use this in a myriad of ways always manifesting solutions and supporting you moving beyond feeling “stuck”.

Personal Universal Sphere Sessions

Experience the deeply relaxing, heart-connected space of a 1:1 Universal Sphere session, which can be received at a distance from anywhere in the world. This is a three-session package that begins with a conversation with Holly, then moves into a focused experience of the Universal Sphere, uniquely guided just for you.

In these sessions you will:
During your 1:1 Universal Sphere sessions you will:
Benefits of the Universal Sphere Sessions*:

*Each person’s experiences during and after the Universal Sphere sessions are unique. We’ve listed some of the most common themes that people report following their sessions.  See our testimonials for the variety of unique experiences our clients have received.

Live Online Training

Join me in live, online Universal Sphere courses where you will:
This course is designed for people who are:
Experience the Universal Sphere®. Experience the Magic!
Live in a Field of Infinite Possibilities.Go from Stuck to Boundless!
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