What is the difference between the Universal Sphere® and the Soul Activations?

Many people have asked
“What is the difference between the Universal Sphere and the Soul Activations (The 111® Activation, the Golden Light Activation, the Tree of Life Crystalline Activation)”?

Here is a short video describing the difference and benefits of each.

In short:
The Universal Sphere® can be used for Healing, Situations, Relationships, Solution Energy to help you with a problem in your life and so much more.

The 111® Activation accelerates your ability to have clearer guidance from your Higher Self, hence greater Clarity, Alignment and Authenticity.

The Tree of Life Crystalline Activation accelerates your ability to manifest in divine ways. You receive it once and can use it for the rest of your life and we give you instructions on how to reprogram it as often as you like for your next desire.

The Golden Light Activation accelerates your ability to embody higher level consciousness.

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