About Soul Genesis

From diverse backgrounds and opposite ends of the world, Paul and Holly Marwood met on their journey to fulfill their souls’ calling. With love at first sight, they soon married and revealed their destiny to usher in divine teachings and guidance from the High Council of Orion and other divine sources formulating transformational processes and programs now offered through Soul Genesis. Holly and Paul are passionately committed to elevating the lives of the people, businesses, and practitioners with whom they work.

The Soul Genesis mission is to provide a pathway for people to grow spiritually and enhance the quality of their life. Soul Genesis guides people to thrive in their life by unleashing the greatest resource available – “their heart and soul”. Soul Genesis provides a dynamic, multi-faceted, soul and life guidance system, which integrates energy work, healing, Akashic Record readings, and a suite of proprietary transformational processes channeled from the High Council of Orion and other divine sources.

Soul Genesis offers a journey from awakening the soul to mastery of your soul’s lessons and life purpose. The Soul Genesis pathway to transformation guides people to a place of wholeness through:

The Soul Genesis Programs are continuously evolving and expanding as Holly and Paul work in tandem to bring through new information, formulate the processes and design training programs that take people to a place where they experience a greater quality of life.  People can access Soul Genesis from anywhere in the world, or attend workshops or training regularly held in the United States and internationally.

Holly Hawkins Marwood

Attunement. Passion. Guidance.

Holly Hawkins Marwood is a teacher, guide, and conscious channel with a lifelong passion for transformation, healing, and assisting others on their soul’s journey.  Holly is an international speaker and trainer in spirituality, energy medicine, healing as well as soul and life guidance.

Holly’s gifts first emerged as a teenager when she found her passion for teaching children, and later evolved as an elementary and middle school teacher. On her personal journey to transformation, she discovered her gift and passion as a healer. She professionally stepped into this role in 2006 when she learned to do Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®, developed by Eric Pearl.  She soon became an Associate Instructor and worked on the teams that traveled the globe teaching the work. Holly combined her passion for teaching children and healing when she was instrumental in the development and introduction of the Reconnective Kids program. Seeking to know more about her soul and inner healer she discovered the Akashic Records and the teachings of Linda Howe. Currently, she is a Certified Advanced Akashic Records Teacher and Reader, assisting many others in connecting with the gifts of the Akashic Records.

Coming from a family lineage of those who channel messages and teachings, Holly is a conscious channel for guidance from many sources, including the High Council of Orion, angelic realm who share global messages to assist all people in living fuller, healthier, happier, and more integrated lives.

Having fully integrated her experience and calling, Holly’s passion is guiding people to fully embrace their innate ability to access their soul’s guidance and live in the brilliance of the fullest expression of their heart and soul. Holly serves people and businesses through soul-centric guidance. She does this through the Akashic Records as a Certified Advanced teacher and reader.  She also facilitates Soul Activations (111™Activation, the Universal Sphere™, the Tree of Life Activation and the Golden Light Activation), guiding people and practitioners to learn and master Soul Genesis Transformational Processes and Programs; Holly facilitates guidance sessions, workshops and seminars both locally and internationally.

Paul Marwood

Clarity. Vision. Heart.

From his early years growing up in Zimbabwe and Australia, to his current life in the United States, Paul Marwood has embodied the clarity of vision for his life and followed his heart to pursue his passion. With unwavering focus and success, Paul began his early career as a control systems engineer. He worked many years before branching out to launch and run his own international Control System Engineering Company for 15 years.

At the height of Paul’s career, he had a near fatal car accident that brought about a spiritual awakening and rapid changes in his perspective on life.  After his body healed he began the next phase of his life, which he would describe as one of a spiritual seeker and his personal spiritual development became his priority. Eventually, he was drawn to Reconnective Healing®. With a reputation as a successful practitioner in this modality, Paul came to the United States where he met his wife, Holly. All of this has prepared him in a profound and compelling way, culminating in the creation of Soul Genesis .

Today, Paul has fully integrated his background in Engineering with his passion for helping others thrive by making Soul Genesis programs available through the latest technology and modes of delivery. He is also a teacher, practicing healer and guide offering his vision, clarity and heart through a variety of Soul Genesis transformational processes: Soul Activations (111® Activation, the Tree of Life Activation, and the Golden Light Activation), Soul Guidance, and the Universal Sphere®.

Paul is an international speaker and trainer in spirituality, energy medicine, healing, and transformational soul and life guidance.

Paul is inspired to make a difference, to assist all that are drawn to the energy of Soul Genesis.

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